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Welcome to Victoria + Isaac!


I'm Debs; Aerospace Engineer, wife, and Mum to 3 children and a menagerie of animals. I started sewing to distract myself from the frequent and often long deployments that came with marriage to a soldier, but it's snowballed into an obsession! 

The lack of diversity and equality in kids' clothing on the high street is a HUGE bugbear of mine. There's a (very!) narrow spectrum of colours, as well as horribly stereotyped imaging and slogans, and an absurd difference in sizing between things labelled as 'for boys' or 'for girls'. I could go on!

In our house, as long as their clothes fit, and are age and activity-appropriate, then our children are free to choose whatever they like, be that trains or princesses, or even train-driving princesses! 

Everything you see on my website is handmade by me at my home workshop in Berkshire, and if you'd like to meet me or the clothes in person, take a trip into the Artisans Handmade UK shop in Newbury's Parkway Shopping Centre! Where, as well as my wall of colourful clothing, you'll find a huge range of beautiful artisan gifts, homewares and crafts from other local makers and small businesses!

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